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Hangzhou Zhenyue Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Hangzhou Qingshanhu science and technology pioneer park. Zhenyue relies on the innovative viscosity measuring instrument, laboratory instrument and constant temperature equipment for research and development, technical application and product production. The unique product range covers the whole solution of viscosity measurement from single station to multi station, from manual type to full-automatic type, from compact laboratory constant temperature bath to industrial level circulating cooling equipment and household level cooling cycle system, which can completely design the cooling / heating system with the cooling capacity more than 200kW according to the needs of customers. As a highly specialized supplier, in the field of polymer material manufacturing, many well-known manufacturers and suppliers all rely on the vibration viscosity measuring instrument; in polyester and polymer industries, the vibration high-quality products can be used for exploration and development work, as well as large-scale production; in the medical field, the vibration thermostatic tank ensures the consistency of the calibrated products. Zhenyue's industrial grade circulating cooling equipment can provide economical and reliable cooling source for printing equipment, injection molding machine, laser processing equipment and led, and also involves domestic water treatment. Zhenyue will adhere to the enterprise spirit of "integrity, dedication, responsibility, innovation and cooperation", keep in mind the mission of "industry leading, industry serving the country", constantly improve product quality, service and cost performance with "customer as the center", create more value for customers, and make unremitting efforts to jointly build a safe, convenient, stable and easy high-quality experimental life.

[Seismic quality]
Provide accurate overall solution of viscosity strategy across the world
High quality shock products can control the viscosity temperature stability at 0.01 ℃ or meet the temperature control requirements of temperature range from - 40 ℃ to 200 ℃. Through refrigeration and heating technology, the production process is accelerated or made possible to the maximum extent. In these applications, Zhenyue has broken the market monopoly of imported instruments by using environmental protection and low-cost equipment instead

[Win win development cooperation]
Hand in hand, win-win cooperation
We develop new markets and segment the user segments. We will consolidate the leading position of capillary viscometer in the world and set standards. We sell a wide range of innovative products and a variety of product lines. We have opened the border, shook hands with the world, and are working with partners to build a win-win and prosperous business ecosystem of mutual growth, symbiosis and regeneration.

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